Surveying is made up of various specializations known as sectors or classes as shown below:

1. General Practice Surveyors:

Surveyors under this class are mostly concerned with valuation and investment. Valuation surveyors deal with property markets, land and property values, valuation procedures and property law. Investment surveyors help investors to get the best possible return form property.

They handle a selection of properties for purchase or sale by pension funds, insurance companies, charities and other major investors. They also specialize in housing policy advice, housing development and management.

2. Planning and Development Surveyors

They are concerned with preparing planning applications and negotiating with local authorities planners to obtain planning permission.

3. Building Surveyors

Their work involves advising on the construction, maintenance, repair of all types of residential and commercial property.

The analysis of building defects is an important part of a building surveyors discipline.

4. The Quantity Surveyors

They evaluate project cost and advice on alternative proposals. They also ensure that each element of a project agrees with the cost plan allowance and that the overall project remains within budget.

The Quantity Surveyors

5. Rural Practice Surveyors:

Surveyors in rural practice advice land owners, farmers and others with interests in the country side.

They are responsible for the management of country estates and farms, the planning and execution of development schemes for agriculture, forestation, recreation, sales of properties and live stock.

6. Mineral Surveyors

They plan the development and future of mineral workings. They work with local authorities and the land owners on planning applications and appeals, mining laws and working rights, mining subsidence and damage, the environmental effects of land and deep underground mines.

7. Land surveyors:

They measure land and its physical features accurately and record them in the form of a map or plan for the purpose of planning new building and by local authorities in managing roads, housing estates, and other facilities.

Land surveyors

They also undertake the positioning and monitoring for construction works.

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