The manufacturer shall prepare quality assurance programme (QAP) and submit it for approval to the inspecting authority and shall obtain his approval before commencing the manufacture of CMS Crossing. Besides other aspects, the following salient points shall be taken into consideration for preparation of QAP to be submitted to Inspecting Authority.

a)     Type of scrap to be used.

b)     Internal specification of scraps to be used and charge-mix.

c)     Moulding Practice

d)     Selection of sands to be used

e)     Sand binder additives

f)      Preparation of sand and its testing

g)     Design of mould box and core boxes

h)     Pattern and core making

i)      Preparation of moulds

j)      Melting process

k)     Gas purging technique if any

l)      Grain refining technique

m)    Stages of testing of molten metal before tapping and at the end of pouring

n)     Shot blasting

o)     Fettling i.e., knock out and removal of risers, ingate, fins, etc.

p)     Heat treatment process

q)     Straightening after heat treatment and after rectification of defects by welding

r)      Removal of protruded metal if any, with the help of air arc

s)     Repair by welding

t)      Marking for finishing

u)     Machine finishing of bottom, fishing planes, top gauge face radius, end section etc. including drilling holes.

v)     Bend test, hardness test, radiographic test, solidity test, non-magnetic test, D.P. test etc. at the various stages of manufacture in reference to relevant specification.

w)    Maintenance of records of tests at various stages

x)     Intensity of internal inspection at different stages by Works Inspector/Manager (QA)

y)     Painting

z)     Packing and dispatch

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